Why is emotional support vital?


In the About section, Sara explains in depth what she does and the unique services she offers but why invest in your Mental Health in the first place? Why take care of your emotional health just as much as your physical health?

Unfortunately we live in a world where at least 1/3 of us are mentally unwell, struggling to cope alone and need support. The words Anxiety, Depression and Trauma are now widely used and known about. There is and will always be a need for trained therapists to help overwhelmed individuals. Sometimes without that support people remain stuck in a negative cycle.

When a human being’s needs are not being met, physically or emotionally, they suffer. When a human being’s needs are met in a healthy and balanced way, they thrive! Only Human’s mission and ethos is to educate and empower others to deal with life’s challenges and become resilient to them. When a person suffers from any sort of emotional difficulty, they cannot think clearly or problem solve. This reveals that an empathetic, understanding and holistic input is needed. And that input is best received from someone impartial, who is trained to support vulnerable individuals.

Sara Fernandes (BA Hons, HG.Dip, GHR, CNHC)

Sara Fernandes (BA Hons, HG.Dip, GHR, CNHC)


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